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After watching this again one part stood out to me, when Mookie (Spike Lee) says, “We invented civilization”. It’s true, civilization started in Africa and it’s sad that it has been torn and raped by Europe and every other country over time. But in my naiive way of thinking I say to my self, who is to say the color of the people back then. Most likely they were darker skin but since the color of your skin is not a gene but a manipulation of the melanin in your skin then how do we know? I honestly think that people didn’t keep record of it because it DIDN’T MATTER. Things are not a big deal until you make it a big deal. If in 1000 years they start judging civilizations based on the size of their ears and the big ears inherit the earth then the small eared people look impoverished.

But now because my skin is a certain color I am, now, more likely to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air in the morning on TBS and therefore more likely to see these racist ass McDonald’s commercials with guys rapping and playing basketball and then eating the most unhealthy food for a post-workout meal. (am I the only one that thinks thats ridiculous?) But that’s just whats on my mind.

Righteousness and Peace,


p.s. - Thats the dude from transformers! lol Spike Lee Putting people on!