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“Can the ubiquitous language of commodity culture and advertising be employed to speak to, and about, more than merchandise and celebrity?  If so, to what end?”Hank Willis Thomas

About an hour northwest of New York City, a small museum, The Aldrich Contemporary, is exhibiting from now until late September, the work of an artist who will make you think. Hank Willis Thomas’s series, “Strange Fruit,” isn’t pulling any punches. The title of a famous Billie Holiday song written to protest southern lynchings and racist violence, “Strange Fruit,” in the 21st Century, has even greater connotations.  

Thomas’s images confront and provoke. They’re beautiful and they’re troublesome.  Their impact, however, will be mitigated by what the viewer brings to the experience.  For the values and ideas we all bear, frame our interpretations. I find these images potent and dark. They’re reminders of the complexities surrounding economics, history, race and class in our visual culture.  But what others see, I can’t say.  And like Hank Willis Thomas, I also ask, “If so, to what end?”  —Lane Nevares

Enough said…

The Jeremy Lin Debate No One Wants to Have BY DEVIN GORDON | My Response

Well written article Devin but I have a different take on the tone of Melo. I don’t believe he meant to say “it’s ridiculous, He’s making way too much money for a youngin who is Asian!” I think he meant, “Damn, it’s ridiculous, because we want him on the team but we can’t compete with numbers like that” Melo was making 14K/ year in Denver. I think this is out of context and the “code” once you’ve been in even college athletics is: “Get that money while you can, bruh” This ethos is felt irregardless of race because it is dependent on the awareness of a fleeting opportunity in an industry that considers 30 old. This it is a point of conversation but I think media outlets over use race to polarize athletes to a ridiculous extent and it can be echoed in a different but similar matter about Tim Tebow because Vince Young took Tennessee to the playoffs with a similar skill set and the fiddler played a different tune.


Not just the ability, but also the will, determination and persistence!!


Not just the ability, but also the will, determination and persistence!!

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LeBron + Melo + CP3 + magic tricks.

I love basketball and magic, which is a big reason why I love Magic Johnson.  Nevertheless, check out this video of some warlock messing with the brains of three of the NBA’s biggest stars, and if you haven’t seen David Blaine screwing with Emmitt Smith and the Dallas Cowboys, watch that too.

@gotem_coach I (via @LeBronJamesCom)

I still have a soul (HBO Boxing) (by turboss13)

Scottie Pippen Never Watched Michael Jordan Play Basketball

Scottie was trippin’ when he said LeBron was better than Mike. Maybe because he is jealous that Wade is way better in comparison?? Great article.

ESPN: Ray Lewis on the NFL Lockout

After the Bears got anally raped at home by the Patriots. Chicago Sports fans are left to wonder who to cheer for. Luckily there are  alternatives. The Blackhawks are returning champs and the Bulls are not that bad…. Derrick Rose gives us that little glimer of hope during the time of the year that it gets darker earlier and cold more often. #DRoseShrug


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